A Reward, a Way of Saying ‘Thank You’ and Feedback in One Thing - Kudos in a Team.

A Reward, a Way of Saying ‘Thank You’ and Feedback in One Thing - Kudos in a Team.

Thanking your Team members for the project collaboration has a tremendous value, as gratitude is a force to be reckoned with. What could be the easiest way of showing someone appreciation for their work?
The answer is - Kudos!

What exactly are Kudos?

Kudos are a simple way of saying ‘Thank you’ in the workplace. They’re a way of giving someone public recognition for a job well done or for their involvement in a project. They work great as informal awards in the workplace and can be given to someone by anyone within the team to boost their morale and show that their hard work and achievements were seen.

At the base of any Kudos lies the idea of motivating employees in the workplace, encouraging more commitment to ongoing projects and developing the atmosphere of friendliness in the office.

Kudos can be handed either privately or in public, e.g. during Weekly or Daily meetups. As they can be gifted to any member of a Team, organizing a special way of giving Kudos, like a virtual token or on a special card template with some nice words written on them can prove to be a real bonding experience for the entire team. Of course, there is no rigorous set of rules to follow - each team can be as creative as they wish when it comes to shape, form, or a ceremony of giving Kudos. While implementing them in a Team, you are free to test more than one way of giving them away and go with the one that works best for you.

source: RetroTool

Benefits of implementing Kudos in your Team

Frequent recognition of colleagues’ effort in the team supports their motivation and, consequently, efficiency, because we feel that our work is appreciated and brings specific, measurable results. Thanks to this, the collective sense of agency and responsibility for the successes grows. Thanking someone in public also plays a team-building role, as it strengthens the feeling of being a member of a fellowship that has a common goal.

Kudos might also be in many ways a simple change in communication because they teach openness and give relevant feedback. Of course, feedback is not always words of appreciation, but it is worth starting somewhere. Handing kudos to each other openly teaches us how to work based on transparency and feedback.

Kudos are vital for maintaining good vibes among all your team members. Kudos boost company culture, Team motivation, and they also spread appreciation in the workplace.

How to start Kudos idea in a team? The sooner the better!

We know that words have power, so here’s a holiday challenge for you. Appreciate people from your team - it can be a short note or a message in the messaging application. If you prefer to leave a note on someone’s desk, we’re giving you printable kudos that will surely bring joy to both you and your colleagues.

Feel free to use them instead of New Year’s Eve Cards!

(You can print them out. The file has been prepared for double-sided printing including bleed)

PS. Be a kudo ninja: Kudos should always be a surprise <3

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